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Dear Friends,

I am honored to be elected the 39th president of the Indian Medical Association of New England (IMANE) by my peers and colleagues.

Since its inception, IMANE held an especially warm place in my heart.  I have fond memories of the lifelong friendships that I formed with the children of the members.  Now, many of us have grown to follow in the footsteps and professions of these original members.  Through these members, we have learned the importance of a commitment to social and political responsibilities.  We have also learned how important it is to show how our small but significant physician community can give back to the community that helped raise us.

Throughout its storied history, IMANE has just done that.  While our initial meetings were geared toward the never ending search for CME credits, our organization evolved to provide a regular source for healthcare for both our community and the community at large.  We have accomplished this goal through outreach with the Waltham and Shrewsbury clinics.  We have thrown health fairs on our own and in partnership with other organizations where hundreds, if not thousands of people have been served.

As our membership continues to evolve and grow, so too has our board and mission.  Whereas we once were comprised of a primarily first generation board and membership that advanced the needs of a newly immigrated physicians, now we are growing into a second generation body.  Our mission must grow in lock-step with our organizational growth and the changing medical environment.  For our organization to be relevant to generation X, Y and even the millennials, we must mature into a body that supports all our needs.

So, what appeals to all of us?  It is not too different from what has appealed to our membership in the past.  We have a new generation that has provided healthcare for the underserved and wants to continue doing so.  This group also understands the need and power of our organization to be a strong political force.    Medical politics in New England are exclusive of international medical graduates (IMG).  We need a forum to explore the needs of IMGs and facilitate entry into residency and eventual licensure.

We will continue to serve as a resource of key information on how to improve the delivery of health care by Indian Americans. We also promote career opportunities for physicians who care for Indian-Americans who are our members. We will continue our work with leaders at the state and national level - in the State House, White House, Congress and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (US DHHS), and in the private sector to develop programs that make a difference to our community including restoration of free access to our upgraded website network and membership and research into how to support our needs throughout New England.

As  Gandhiji said, “The best way tofind yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

I have met with many members, physicians and others interested in the development of IMANE. We are committed to expanding IMANE, but need your support, your ideas, and your membership. Please join us as we lead IMANE to the next generation of success.


Sameer O. Kapasi, M.D., M.A., F.A.A.P.M.R.
President, Indian Medical Association of New England

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